Do not get frustrated ...NEVER EVER !

Yes,this is the spirit.Do not get frustrated never ever.Frustration is a kind of thing which will make you weak from the inner part.So,there is no way to be affected by this mental disease.Yes,i am calling this as a disease cause this will make harm to your confidence just like a disease makes harm to your body.

If you take it positively then this is sure that some good things will come out of it.Push this back and make something against this frustration which will wash away this frustration.To drive this away you can do anything but just do not think in the backward direction.Rather do anything you like and continue to do it.
There is no reason to get frustrated cause this is not the end of life!This is just beginning.When you start something ,this is going to be the beginning of it.So,step forward and give a strong punch to this frustration.
Do not think much of this frustration.Then this will spread more in you.Just play with it.It will make you think very much odd things about you.But try to think positive about yourself.Do not try to find out what you cannot do or what was not done by you.Just try to think what else you can do and i am sure you will be a strong and rigid man then.
Always remember frustration is nothing but quitting yourself from the play ground.