Government is Planning to Stop Talk Show In Bangladesh !

Yes,government is planning to stop the talk shows in private TV channels.They are going to provide a new law for the private TV channels.May be this law will restrict the private channels to transmit the talk shows.Though there must be a need to talk between a topic.This type of discussion in a talk show gives us some way out which can be a great one to make a solution for the problem but in most of the cases the talk shows are not that qualityful and they also do not invite such people who can really discuss on that matter.
Same people is common for each and every talk show in most of the cases.But this should not be like this.The tradition of this cheap talk show should be changed.
Cause the topics are not the same everyday rather they are different.So,different person needed for each days topic and the person or the persons will be the expert one from this field.
So,the probable solution is that the talk show should not be banned in private channels rather there should be quality people and the discussion should be in a qualityful manner.